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Prepared by a small but very enthusiastic group of amateur local historians, it has been set up to provide information about the heritage of our parish (about 100 households) which is tucked in the top right hand corner of Oxfordshire; to elicit observations on and ideas about the content so that we might learn from people in other places who know more about these things than we do; to share our findings with parishioners, schools, universities and the wider public; and specifically to help us unpick issues and solve problems where we are stuck.

February 2021

Above: A Google map of Mixbury!

The story so far

We already have a draft document about “Mixbury: Its History and Archaeology”; it is 400 A4 pages long and summarised our work up to October 2018. Since then two other documents have been drafted, one on “The history of the Church in Mixbury before 1900”, and the other about “The Church in Mixbury since 1900”. At present we are refining the content of all three, and we have yet to tackle the formidable hurdle of copyright. But the intention is to take them to publishing as soon as we can.

Want to jump straight in? Have a look at our introductory Article, Mixbury: Its History and Archeology - A Summary here.


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