All Our Yesterdays

January 2021

The history group, in piecing together information relevant to the village and surrounding areas, obtains this ininformation either by direct research or by coming unexpectedly across facts, which in turn, lead to more research - - and suddenly the jigsaw pieces start to fit together. We realised that our 2018 catalogue of Mixbury's history and archaeology made brief reference to the A421 (previously B4031) as a Turnpike or Toll Road...

September 2020

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece for the Shelswell News which could have had a subtitle used by the Time Team duo, the late Mick Aston and Tony Robinson, for a book they wrote, “Archaeology is Rubbish”. In the article I referred to bits and pieces which came out of Mixbury gardens and gave us information about the village’s ...

August 2020

In 1910 the Government conducted a Rating Valuation Survey: the Survey was to provide a basis for levying a duty on land in the UK. It provides some interesting information about the parish at that time, including who owned the properties (houses and land) and who lived in the houses. One of the snags with using ...

Whatever happened to the Earl of Mixbury, and why were the Victorian houses built?

December 2021

Earl of Mixbury is a title that could have been, but never was. It might have been Roundell Palmer, first Earl of Selbourne. The Victorian houses in Mixbury should have been built much earlier than they were and only came about because of an unusual twist of fate in which Selbourne may have played a part.